Pctel Mimo Antennas Featured In New York Subway Wireless Network Expansion – Yahoo Finance

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16 Launch Event in New York PCTEL, Inc. 2 hours ago Done BLOOMINGDALE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PCTEL, Inc. ( PCTI ), a leader in performance critical telecom solutions, announced today that it has supplied Transit Wireless with antennas for the Phase 2 expansion of the New York Subway wireless network. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Transit Wireless announced earlier today that wireless and Wi-Fi service is now available at 11 new Manhattan stations and going live in 29 Queens stations in the coming weeks. Phase 2 will bring the total number of stations covered to 76. The network, which is designed, constructed, and operated by Transit Wireless, provides Wi-Fi through the new METROFI service and cellular coverage through all four major carriers. PCTELs multiband MIMO antennas currently support all cellular carriers and Wi-Fi for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. When all five phases are complete, the network will extend coverage to all New York Subway underground stations in a system that accommodates more than 5.4 million daily rides. PCTEL continues to optimize their product offering to support complex broadband requirements in a very unique wireless environment, said Nathan Cornish, RF Engineering Director, Transit Wireless. Transit Wireless appreciates these efforts, all of which are critical to the successful deployment of our network. “PCTEL designs and builds high performance MIMO antennas for in-building and transit networks throughout the world,” said Carolyn Dolezal, Vice President, Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer. “We are delighted that Transit Wireless has again selected PCTEL as its antenna supplier for the New York City Subway System,” added Dolezal. Dolezal is representing PCTEL at todays launch event, held at New World Stages in New York beginning at 11 a.m. About PCTEL PCTELdeliversPerformanceCriticalTelecom solutions. RF Solutions develops and provides test equipment, software, and engineering services for wireless networks. Engineers rely uponPCTELtovisualize, benchmark, and optimize wireless networks. Connected Solutions designs and delivers performance critical antennas and site solutions for wireless networks globally. Our antennas support evolving wireless standards for cellular, private, and broadband networks.PCTELantennas and site solutions support networks worldwide, including SCADA for oil, gas and utilities, fleet management, industrial operations, health care, small cell and network timing deployment, defense, public safety, education, and broadband access. PCTEL’sperformance critical products include its SeeGull scanning receivers and CW Transmitter, SeeHawk and SeeHawk Touch analytic software, and its SeeWave interference locating system.PCTELis recognized globally for its industry leading-edge IBflex, EXflex, and MX scanning receivers and its sophisticated in-building Network Engineering Services (NES). PCTEL’sperformance critical MAXRAD and Bluewave antenna solutions include high rejection and high performance GPS and GNSS products, the industry leading Yagi portfolio, mobile and indoor LTE, broadband, and LMR antennas and PIM-rated antennas for transit, in-building, and small cell applications. We provide performance critical mobile towers for demanding emergency and oil and gas network applications and leverage our design, logistics, and support capabilities to deliver performance critical site solutions into carrier, railroad, and utility applications. PCTEL’sproducts are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels. For more information, please visit the company’s web sites: http://www.pctel.com , http://www.antenna.com , or http://www.rfsolutions.pctel.com . Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Inc. Professional Services


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