Windows 8.1 To Have Boot To Desktop Option For Bypassing ‘metro’ Interface | Rohit’s Tech World

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A new rumor suggests the drop has promptedMicrosoftto consider reversing course on at least one aspect of the new user interface. Windows Blue Microsoft is planning to change the way its Start Screen operates with the release of Windows 8.1.Thecompany is currently testing builds of Windows 8.1, known as code-name Windows Blue, that include an option to boot directly to the traditional desktop. Were told that the option is disabled by default, allowing users to simply turn on the functionality should they want to avoid the Metro Start Screen at initial boot or login. Even before Windows 8 launched last October, many felt that throwing users into the new Windows UI at startup might not be the best solution for all customers, particularly those focused on productivity (i.e. office workers). Also, since the number of apps created for the new environment was relatively few (even the new Microsoft Office runs as a Desktop app), the benefits of always starting in the new UI were questionable. Microsofts change of heart follows criticisms of its approach to Windows 8 for traditional desktop PCs with keyboard and mouse usage. Accessory makers haveattempted to ease the situation, but Microsoft has faced pressure from businesses and desktop users for options to suppress the Start Screen or bring back the traditional Start Menu and Start button UI. Third-party tools to revive the Start buttonhave proved popular, but its highly unlikely that Microsoft will opt to bring the Start Menu back to life itself.

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