Lenovo Says There’s No U.s. Demand For Small Windows Tablets, Stops Selling Them – Yahoo Finance

Done Lenovo says theres no U.S. demand for small Windows tablets, stops selling them By Kevin C. Tofel 3 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences Done Theres now less small tablet choice in the U.S. Lenovo, the worlds largest PC maker based on sales, is no longer selling Windows tablets under 10 inches in size, based on a lack of U.S. market demand . The company shared the news with PC World in an email, saying In North America, were seeing stronger interest in the larger screen sizes for Windows tablets and are pleased with initial customer demand for the ThinkPad 10. That means the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 and smaller version of the Mix 2 Lenovo sells a 10.1-inch model are both disappearing from store shelves and Lenovos U.S. retail site. Remaining stock will be diverted to other countries where demand is higher for lower-cost, small Windows tablets. That includes Brazil, China, and Japan, according to the company. Both tablets run the full version of Windows, not the ARM-powered Windows RT software. Microsoft has long been expected to debut its own small Windows tablet , likely running Windows RT, but the rumored plans were put off earlier this year. That could be due to the lack of a more touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office for the smaller screen. Or the company may have data similar to what Lenovo has: In the U.S. consumers either dont want or need Windows on a small screen, at least not when current prices pit the devices squarely against less-expensive or comparably priced Androidtablets. If thats the case, the situation may change a little by years end. Microsoft has already eliminated its Windows licensing fees for devices with screens measuring 9 inches or less. That could reduce prices, as Microsoft recently noted at its Windows Partner Conference . Ive also noticed falling prices of small Windows tablets over the past six months or so. The Dell Venue 8Pro I bought earlier this year cannow behad for about $50 less; with a starting price now at $249, you get a pretty capable Windows slate.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/lenovo-says-no-u-demand-144415564.html


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