Facebook’s Ad Service For Mobile Apps Opens To Developers – Cnet

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“Most people are spending most of their time inside apps,” said Sriram Krishnan, a manager of Facebook’s Audience Network. The effort, first announced in April , is part of Facebook’s large and growing efforts to expand its influence in the online advertising industry. Last week, the company announced Atlas, a new technology that allows advertisers to send ads to customers , regardless of whether they are on Facebook’s website, its mobile apps or using programs made by other companies. In building Audience Network, Facebook is positioning itself to compete more directly with Google, whose AdMob rules the roost of mobile advertising today. Google took about half of the mobile ad industry’s $17.7 billion in spending last year, according to industry watcher eMarketer. Facebook is currently second fiddle, ringing up nearly 18 percent of mobile ad revenue last year and an estimated 22 percent this year. Twitter is a distant third, pulling in 2.4 percent. But the industry is growing rapidly. Mobile ad revenue more than doubled last year from 2012, and is expected to grow another 84 percent this year. That’s much faster than growth of advertising over the Web as a whole. For Facebook, which didn’t have much of an advertising effort for mobile devices a couple years ago, the rapidly expanding market represents an even more important opportunity to bolster revenue and profit. Facebook’s expanding ad strategy Facebook will let you control which ads you see What isn’t certain is whether Facebook’s efforts can draw more attention away from AdMob and other ad technologies offered by competitors. Twitter and Apple both offer ad technology to competitors, for example, and a growing list of startups promise to make it easier to tap all the large networks of ad makers without adding too much complex code to an app.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.cnet.com/news/facebooks-ad-service-for-mobile-apps-opens-to-developers/


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