Stibo Systems Congratulates Brady Corp As A 2014 Technology Leadership Award Winner For Information Optimization – Yahoo Finance

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Using Stibo Systems MDM platform STEP, Brady extended product information to distribution partners quickly so they could effectively promote Brady’s products. Brady Corp will receive its award on October 22, 2014, at The Ventana Research Summit Awards Ceremony. Key Points: Brady improved the customer experience and expanded on their goal of being a one-stop-shop for both products and information regarding regulatory information. By managing more than 46,800 unique SKUs and the accompanying data, documentation, images, etc., Brady has dramatically improved the way they handle both structured and unstructured content. More importantly, the Company now views data as a strategic corporate asset, and has increased the number of product images to more than 34,000 since the MDM system was first introduced. Since rolling out the MDM solution, Brady has increased sales by $4.4M annually by strengthening both their channel partnerships & e-commerce. This is due to the Companys ability to onboard SKUs faster, provide higher quality images and documentation, and establish more complete product details to customer and partners. With millions of customers in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, medical and a variety of other industries, Brady is using STEP to create a single source of critical information that supports its e-delivery activities. By directly integrating more than 2,500 third party suppliers of finished goods, and an additional 400 suppliers who provide Brady with the raw materials, the Company has reduced the time spent delivering new and existing parts to suppliers. Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of solutions that identify and protect premises, products and people. Brady’s products help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software. Customer Quote: We are thrilled to be selected as a winner of the 2014 Ventana Technology Innovation Awards. Since implementing Stibo Systems STEP, Brady now has a unique view of what constitutes a product, which was something that was not previously apparent, said Bentley Curran, CIO of Brady Corp. Having the ability to deliver complete, consistent, correct and timely product information across all channels, businesses and regions, has enabled us to integrate processes for maintaining product consistency across our global network. This enables distributors to navigate our product information with ease and improve the shopping experience for their end-user customers.” Analyst Quote The Information Technology Innovation Awards recognize those organizations that utilize the most innovative technology to successfully link people and processes across systems to improve the bottom line, said Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research. Using Stibo Systems, Brady was able to enforce a Single Source of Truth for product information by establishing the definition, institutionalization and enforcement of global data quality metrics, product information standards, processes and organizational alignment. Brady is a strong illustration of how technology can improve business performance and we congratulate them on their successful implementation. Stibo Systems Quote Brady is a phenomenal example of how MDM solutions can be used to support business goals and increase revenues, said Andreas Lorenzen, President, Stibo Systems. Not only have they enhanced the customer experience by providing richer, more accurate and timely data, but they have also ensured channel consistency across web, catalogs, etc., by better managing their growing number of products. We congratulate them on their successful implementation and look forward to helping them achieve even greater success moving forward. About Stibo Systems Stibo Systems is the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.

Comosoft Introduces Point of Sale Services for Multichannel Product Marketing – Yahoo Finance

29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Comosoft, Inc. recently announced the development of two new Point of Sale (POS) technologies for high-volume multichannel marketers: in-store digital signage and location based services. Comosoft’s new applications, LAGO Screens and LAGO Locations, were developed in collaboration with software developer, Accodia, and are designed to provide centralized management of in-store product promotions, including the ability to publish special offers in real time, provide location relevant coupons and promotional messages, and deliver in-store navigation directly to the digital devices of consumers. Comosoft, Inc., founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1994, develops multichannel media production software for major product marketers , retailers, and marketing services agencies engaging in multichannel product marketing. Comosoft’s signature software, LAGO4, drives planning, creation, and management of multichannel marketing and product promotions from a single data source throughout the enterprise. It has over 7,000 daily users worldwide. LAGO Screens syncs directly to Comosoft’s LAGO4 Product Information Management (PIM) database to allow marketing managers to simply drag and drop promotional deals and special offers directly into digital advertising spaces such as in-store TV screens and kiosks. Digital promotions can be updated at the touch of a button, making in-store advertising easier and more directly coordinated with all other marketing channels. The app also helps marketing managers ensure compliance from each branch, affiliate, or franchise store location. LAGO Locations utilizes WIFI technology to help consumers navigate through the store, find products easier, and receive location based product suggestions. The app is integrated directly with the retailer’s website to eliminate the need for downloading or installation. Thus, by simply browsing the retailer’s website on their mobile device, consumers enjoy an enhanced shopping experience while in the store. In addition to enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience, Comosoft executives believe LAGO Locations will deliver unlimited added value to retail store strategy, layout and design. For example, one specific LAGO Locations configuration enables retailers to analyze the actual route consumers take through the store to evaluate ideal placement for special offers and product promotions. According to Comosoft president Randy Evans, both LAGO Screens and LAGO Locations are currently testing well in a leading European grocery store chain, Edeka Meyer. He says increasing product turnover, and ultimately sales, serve as the main driver of these new technologies. “Edeka Meyer is a real leader in point of sales marketing,” Evans says. “In their digitalized stores, customers can navigate with their smartphones, browse flyers or get the latest promotions on TV screens right there in the store while shopping. As a result, they’re reporting several advantages with our new in-store digital system. “Edeka is able to edit messages and update them instantaneously, make short-term adjustments to market changes, and lower overhead and logistical costs associated with traditional in-store marketing methods. And they’re doing it all–multichannel media production, planning, and in-store digital signage–from one centralized system.” About Comosoft Comosoft was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1994, where its global headquarters are located. With strong roots in print publishing, data, and workflow management for large international retailers, Comosoft develops multichannel media production solutions for product marketers. Frisco, TX is the location of Comosoft’s North American operation. Visit to learn more. PR / Media Relations


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