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30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SHOP.ORG SUMMIT –NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N ), the industry’s leading provider of cloud -based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced new members in its Commerce Agency Program, an alliance of leading solution providers and creative digital agencies that have teamed with NetSuite to help brands implement engaging and personalized digital experiences with SuiteCommerce. The new partners, Astound Commerce, Explore Consulting and NetScore, are focusing their expertise on NetSuite’s unified cloud commerce solution to help businesses drive revenue, speed time-to-market, deliver unique and engaging brand experiences and improve operational cost-efficiencies. The NetSuite Commerce Agency Program establishes a strategic relationship with world-class agency partners who bring decades of experience delivering exceptional, award winning ecommerce projects across a wide array of retail categories as well as B2B marketplaces. The partnership amplifies NetSuite’s capabilities in providing businesses access to expertise in performance optimization, creative services, user experience, digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and much more. Only the best and the brightest industry leaders who are committed to building the most innovative solutions tailored to specific business needs are authorized to become a part of the NetSuite Commerce Agency Program. For more information on NetSuite’s Commerce Agency Program, click here . “Amid the massive changes in customer behavior, companies are rethinking how to better connect their brand and business with consumers,” said Andy Lloyd, General Manager of Commerce Products for NetSuite. “Partners like Astound Commerce, Explore Consulting and NetScore are able to collaborate closely with NetSuite’s customers and leverage years of consumer insights to provide shopping experiences that not just sell more products but also deepen customer engagement and satisfaction. These partners can help our customers use the SuiteCommerce platform to deliver omnichannel commerce experiences that are impossible or impractical to deliver from a stand-alone ecommerce platform.” Expanding upon existing NetSuite ERP and commerce practices or adding to Demandware, Magento and IBM practices, these agencies combined, have decades of experience in NetSuite ecommerce and ERP implementations for customers in retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing and other industries, and several are working with the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) to offer custom applications that meet specific commerce business needs. They join other innovative partners like Group FMG, POD1, and LiveAreaLabs that are capitalizing on NetSuite’s unified commerce platform. Astound Commerce ( ), based in San Francisco with offices in Boston, operations in Europe and Asia, provide ecommerce front- and back-office services for companies such as Crocs, L’Oreal, Men’s Wearhouse, Avenue Stores, Adidas, Reebok and 3M. With more than 500 employees, Astound Commerce anticipates significant demand from clients looking to eliminate ecommerce complexity with an integrated cloud solution. Founded in 2000, the company recently brought under the Astound Commerce umbrella, its four distinct company brandsAstound Commerce, OnePica, SysIQ and Digital Factorsthat had focused on Demandware, Magento/eBay Enterprise, Intershop and IBM WebSphere Commerce solutions. With experience in enterprise back-end ERP and OMS systems, Astound Commerce consultants are pursuing NetSuite ERP Consultant Certifications and the company is also in the process of building several NetSuite SuiteApps of its applications for product information management (PIM) focused on high fashion and apparel industries, and for connectivity between product lifecycle management (PLM) and ecommerce technologies and business processes. “There is phenomenal value that’s very hard to ignore with a truly unified solution like NetSuite,” said Igor Peshkov, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. “Integration itself is traditionally a significant barrier to having seamless and scalable ecommerce operations. NetSuite’s unified platform eliminates complex integration points between back-end and front-end systems, reduces implementation time and risk. However, the biggest value is in empowering retailers to be agile in addressing ever-changing consumer demands across multiple sales channels to successfully compete.” Explore Consulting ( ), a NetSuite partner for 13 years that’s been involved in more than 800 implementations, is embracing SuiteCommerce as a next-generation platform in both B2C and B2B markets after having completed a number of deployments. Winner of more than 22 NetSuite awards, including Americas Solution Provider Partner of the Year in 2014 and 2012, the Bellevue, Wash.-based company sees strong interest in SuiteCommerce capabilities for pixel-perfect design control, faceted search, streamlined checkout, reference architecture and its B2B Customer Center. Interest in responsive web design is especially high, with a number of Explore clients recording about 50 percent of site traffic coming from mobile devices. With many Explore professionals having secured NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification, the company offers complete front- and back-end expertise and is broadening skills in such areas as search engine optimization and digital ad retargeting. “The interest level in SuiteCommerce is very high for organizations that have the vision for full integration,” said Greg Graham, Ecommerce Practice Manager. “We’ve built very deep knowledge and expertise in NetSuite for more than a decade and are well positioned to help organizations unleash the potential of NetSuite’s fully integrated cloud commerce solution.” NetScore ( ), based in Vienna, Va., with offices in Danville, Calif., and Hyderabad, India, is poised to further grow its ecommerce practice. Focused exclusively on NetSuite, NetScore offers SuiteCommerce implementations for new and existing mid-market and enterprise customers in both B2B and B2C markets.


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