How A Scanner Infected Corporate Systems And Stole Data: Beware Trojan Peripherals – Forbes


Although SMB is commonly blocked by corporate firewalls, remote administration ports are often left open to facilitate network-wide server management. Since many companies also use descriptors in the server name, the attack was generally successful at finding any ERP systems on the network. If the ERP server happened to be running the vulnerable software, which was likely since according to Wright it is among the top three in ERP sales, the malware entered and compromised the system through the zero-day vulnerability. TrapXs report describes Stage 2 of the attack this way: [The malware uploaded] a stand-by weaponized payload from the scanner that established a comprehensive command and control connection (C&C) to a Chinese botnet that terminated at the Lanxiang Vocational School located in China Unicom China Unicom Shandong province network. A second payload was then downloaded from the botnet that established a more sophisticated CnC of the companys finance server. A secondary stealth botnet CnC network (the owner of the IP address was masked) was also established and terminated at a location/facility in Beijing. Source: TrapX Zombie Zero report Connection to prior attacks? Wright notes that the Lanxiang school, which was implicated in prior attacks on Google and other U.S. corporations , is nearby the scanner manufacture so its the attacks likely source. The C&C network was then used to load additional software on compromised ERP systems and then copy the entire financial database. Its unclear how many companies have been compromised by Zombie Zero, however Wright says TrapX has already worked with 7 victims in the shipping and logistics industry and recently found variants of the attack targeting manufacturers. ATPs used for cyber crime and espionage are nothing new, however the typical entry point is a targeted spear phishing email with a viral attachment or Web links that execute a PC client-based attack. Once establishing a toehold inside a corporate network, most ATPs use some variation of the Zombie Zero techniques: connect to a C&C botnet, establish covert external communications, scan for additional targets, map internal networks, load more sophisticated software and exfiltrate data.
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Digital Storm Vanquish II review: An affordable gamer with limited expandability | PCWorld

Our eval unit varied slightly from what youll see in the pictures on Digital Storms Web site: It has a real, old-fashioned, parallel port. Perhaps Digital Storm ran out of Asus H81M-E and -A motherboards and had to substitute the -D model. Then again, you never know when large-format parallel plotters will be back in vogue. (Yes, I’m kidding.) The Vanquish II earned a very respectable WorldBench 9 score. The Velocity Micro machine is outfitted with two Nvidia GPUs running in SLI. The old-school theme continues with mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports. As I still use IBM model M keyboards, I like that, but Im probably in the minority; most users will find the PS/2 ports as superfluous as the parallel port. For connecting more modern peripherals, the Vanquish II has two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the box and two on the back (with USAP support), along with two USB 2.0 ports. The GTX 770 has two HDMI ports, a DVI-I port and a DVI-D port. There are also DVI-D and VGA ports on the motherboard, driven by the Core i5-4570s Intel HD 4600 graphics. That last could be handy if you wish to re-task the micro-ATX motherboard at some point when you upgrade the system. Michael Homnick The Vanquish II gets the job done without a lot of flash and drama. While the Vanquish II Ultimate is suited to its gaming task, its motherboard is expansion-challenged from a performance perspective. The sole x16 PCIe slot and both memory slots are occupied, and theres only one available SATA port (a SATA 3Gbps port). The system’s SSD and hard drive occupy its two SATA 6Gbps ports, and the optical drive uses one of its SATA 3Gbps ports. The other two PCIe 2.0 slots, meanwhile, offer only one lane each (thats not adequate for an add-on SATA 6Gbps controller and full SSD performance). So your performance-enhancing options are limited to adding one SSD or hard drive, or perhaps upgrading to RAID setup. This machine’s gaming performance. But its lack of expansion opportunities might crimp your style down the road. Theres plenty of room inside the Vanquish II Ultimates mid-tower case. Only one of its three externally accessible 5.25-inch drive bays is occupied (by a DVD burner); there are four side-facing internal 5.25-inch bays, with only one filled with the hard drive; and there are three open half-height, 3.25-inch internal bays. The 600-watt power supply should be able to keep up with whatever you drop in there.
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