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Our positive reviews increased by600% since installing this badge. We were also able to catcha potentially bad reviewfrom being publicly aired while simultaneously reaching out to this customer and making things right for him. Adam A, Business Valuations Group. Improve Your Online Reputation (click image to enlarge) Make it easy for customers to review your business Online reviews are a proven way to boost local SEO performance. Adding an Easy.Reviews badge to your site makes it easy for your existing customers to share their experiences on their preferred directories and sites. Capture bad reviews so they arent on public display Negative reviews are a liability that can hurt your business. With Easy.Reviews you will capture negative reviews, and handle the problem internally instead of publicly for the world to see, while improving your business practices. Your biggest liability is now a valued asset in assessing your product and process. (click image to enlarge) (click image to enlarge) Select the citation sources you want to use Want more reviews on Google+, but not on Yelp? No problem. Easy.Reviews puts you in control; you get to decide which public profiles are used for customers leaving positive reviews. Choose from 5beautiful badge styles for your site Whether you want a thin, sleek roll-over, or a robust full display, Easy.Reviews has multiple design and function options to fit your websites look and feel. (click image to enlarge) (click image to enlarge) Build your email list automatically using the Thank-You Form Your most loyal customers will leave you positive reviews. By capturing their emails, you will be able to speak to them directly, notifying them of specials, discounts and future offerings with a high conversion rate email campaign. White label branding & custom footer backlinks Run a marketing agency and want to promote your company? The Easy.Reviews badge is customized for your company logo, and footer link. Receive the credit and recognition while the software badge works in the background. (click image to enlarge) (click image to enlarge) Display a recent review to be featured on your badge People trust reviews! (Which is the point of Easy.Reviews.) By showcasing a positive review about your business you will increase trust, sales, and acquire more real, positive reviews.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://easy.reviews/


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