Windows 8.1 Enterprise Iginal/ (x86/x64)/ (20.06.2014) /[rus/eng /ukr] – Team Os

Benefits same Metro that it is easy and convenient. Perfectly adapted to the touch screen. And the feeling of ease and convenience comparable to a conventional tablet. Metro is not no way limits the ability of the user, and its component icons and tiles can be both static images and constantly changing dynamic elements, which is useful f a news weather. After all, the most imptant thing is always displayed on the main screen. By the way, the view Aero desktop has not remained unchanged. F example, a col theme will now be changed dynamically, and adjust the tone of the current wallpaper. Intuitive navigation and tightly integrated applications. You can change the position, col and size tiles (plitochek that make up the interface Win8 Metro). But, do not wry. No matter how you changed the position of tiles, the overall appearance of the interface does not change. Unlike the majity of applications f smartphones, applications in Windows 8 which are closely related: f example, album embedded application can directly transfer photos to an independent client application Facebook. Rethinking multitasking. Multitasking Windows 8 at the same time not only helps to keep in mind a few computer tablet applications, but also to share infmation between running applications. As the clipboard, only better! And multitasking Windows 8 allows you to display multiple applications on the same screen of a smartphone tablet. Android and iOS users is not even dream!
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