Telnet Server For Windows And Other Gsw Software Validated On Aml Devices

Untitled Dawsonville, GA (PRWEB) – Georgia SoftWorks successfully tested their Telnet Server for Windows with AMLs devices, the M7225 and the AML Triton. Testing our software on new handheld computers allows us stay compatible with the latest barcode scanners on the market. It also helps us give better technical support when a customer is using one of these devices and has a question, said Doug Hitchcock of Georgia SoftWorks. The M7225 wireless handheld computer is designed for use in retail, manufacturing, and warehouse data capture applications. This device is powered by Windows CE 6.0 and is available with a laser or 2D barcode scan engines. The AML Triton is a rugged handheld terminal that is known for its quick deployment with minimal configuration time. Based out of Dallas, Texas, AML provides high performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective barcode and data collection products. With customers all across North America and Europe, AML has been noted for their in-house engineering and their everything included philosophy. The Georgia SoftWorks UTS (SSH Server for Windows and Telnet Server for Windows) is excellent with either the M7225 or the Triton for barcode data collection within wireless environments. In addition to development and maintenance cost savings for application developers, this added flexibility allows customers to utilize existing hardware in heterogeneous environments, said AML in a newsletter. Georgia SoftWorks is a software development company based in Georgia, USA that has received global recognition for their GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. The GSW Telnet Server for Windows is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, Barcode scanners and other data collection and wireless environments, making it a great software to be used on AMLs devices and the industries they serve. About Georgia SoftWorks: Established in 1991, Georgia SoftWorks is a privately held software development company recognized for creating high performance data communications, system and telecommunications applications. Georgia SoftWorks has obtained a worldwide presence with its industrial SSH/Telnet Server for Microsoft Windows. GSW’s long-term commitment to SSH/Telnet has led to the pioneering of major features such as Session Shadowing, Session Monitoring, Graceful Termination, Automatic Logon, Logon Scripting and more recently Team Services technology which allows mobile device users to transfer, swap, share and recover mobile device sessions. GSW has also provided the very first SSH Server to provide Digital Certificate Authentication with an Internet Information Server (IIS) like certificate-to-user account mapping. This includes One-to-one and Many-to-one mapping methods and also supports certificate trust lists (CTL). SOURCE: PRWeb View original release here: Like what you are reading? Sign up for our free newsletter SIGN ME UP
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Tests compare Mac OS X anti-malware products | ZDNet

protection_2014-08_macosx_avtest_en AV-TEST used “…the products which are offered at the AV vendor’s websites as downloads. The versions available at the Mac App Store might be limited in functionality, as they cannot access all APIs.” AV-TEST provides test results for malware detection, both on-access and on-demand; false positives; impact on system performance; and ancillary features, specifically anti-spam, anti-phishing, personal firewall, safe browsing, parental control, backup and encryption. The products from avast!, Bitdefender, G Data, Norman, ESET, Intego, Panda, Microworld, F-Secure, Sophos and Kaspersky detected a very high percentage of the malware on-access. AV-TEST also gives results for on-demand scanning, but their importance pales (in our opinoin) in comparison to those of on-access. Kaspersky detected 95.2% on-access, several others detected 97.6% and 98.8% and four products detected 100% of malware on-access. All of these numbers are excellent, but obviously it doesn’t get better than 100%. Several products, all with well-known brands, had disappointing results. Trend Micro (33.3%), Webroot (22.6%) and McAfee(21.4%) all stand out in a bad way. None of the products had a single false positive. This may be possible because of the relatively low number of samples. System performance impact has some interesting results. The test was to copy 7.4GB of files and the reference number (no anti-malware products) was 17.2 seconds. If you leave out the products from Microworld and Trend Micro, the average of the rest is 18.9 seconds and the high is 20.8, both perfectly acceptable. With Microworld eScan installed the operation took 40.4 seconds. With Trend Micro it took 470.3. Clearly something was very wrong with Trend Micro and this specific operation. AV-TEST says that they observed no meaningful performance degradation with any of the products in normal interaction. Compared to PC products, the Mac products offer very few additional features. Eight of them add no extra features (as counted by AV-TEST). Only five offer more than one.
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