Here We Go Again: Windows 7 Will Be The New Xp | Itworld

Control your address and phone data the easy way. Learn more about Contact Wolf Contact management address book software . It’s simple to use and wonderful for home or business use. Get the 30 Day Free evaluation now! Foley has also said that Microsoft will publicly preview Threshold this fall. But why plan at all? Why not just do what Microsoft would love for customers to do, move now to Windows 8? “I don’t see Windows 8 turning around or organizations grabbing Windows 8,” Silver answered. While that take wasn’t unexpected — industry analysts have been saying that since before Windows 8’s debut — Gartner was blunt. “Organizations have been hesitant to deploy Windows 8 on non-touch devices because of concerns surrounding the new user experience” and “don’t upgrade existing Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8 without a business case,” the report stated. Microsoft itself has signaled it’s accepted Windows 8’s fate, and has moved on: Not only has it begun to downplay Windows 8 in its corporate messaging, it plans no new major updates, but will instead deliver new features in monthly small packets , a process that started Tuesday. But although Silver said Windows 8 was effectively off the table, he and Kleynhans still included the reputation-challenged OS in the options they laid out. Companies can deploy Windows 8 on new PCs as they arrive, the two said, to phase out Windows 7 over time; or enterprises can deploy Windows 8 across the board to scrub out its 2009 predecessor. The first, they said, “may make sense for many organizations,” but the second they dismissed. “We see little value in doing this,” they wrote in their report. The third road in their trio was the one they bet most companies will take: Skip Windows 8, and plan to deploy what they called “Windows v.Future,” which might be Windows 9, or perhaps the iteration after that. Silver called it Option 2B.
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