5 Questions Every Builder Should Ask Before Purchasing Erp Home Builder Software

DirectX 12 cuts power consumption in half and boosts FPS by 50% – Developer Tech

Each asteroid is unique through procedurally-generating a combination of vertices, textures, and constants. To show the improvements, the demo is able to switch between DirectX 11 and 12 at the press of a button whilst locking the frame rate to keep the GPU workload constant. When rendering exactly the same content, DirectX 12’s power consumption was impressively over 50% less than its predecessor. A key improvement in DirectX 12 is its ability to intuitively share the workload across multiple cores, and the performance gains we are seeing here show this in action. Reduced power consumption doesn’t, of course, directly relate to increased performance. It does however lead to a much cooler device which as a side-effect allows the GPU to run hotter and faster. In a blog post on MSDN, Microsoft claims: “In some cases, DirectX 12 can take a game thats otherwise unplayable on DirectX 11 without even increasing the power your device consumes!” Intel demonstrated this through unlocking the frame rate in their demo to show a 50% increase in FPS (frames per second) using DirectX 12 – despite not drawing any extra power. Whilst not directly comparable, it could show promise to boosting the Xbox One’s prowess. Currently many game developers are choosing between a 1080p resolution at 30fps, or 900p at 60fps for their Xbox titles. The situation has been relieved somewhat through the June XDK which unlocked an extra 10% CPU power that was previously reserved for the Kinect peripheral. If a similar 50% power consumption reduction is possible on the console as found on the Surface Pro 3, then it too could see around a 50% increase in frame rate when DirectX 12 titles start hitting in 2015. All of the gains displayed come directly from switching to DirectX 11 to DirectX 12. The API, through working with hardware partners, has lower-level access than ever before which significantly improves CPU utilisation. Even AMD, who has their own low-level API named ‘ Mantle ‘, has put their support behind DirectX 12. Nvidia has announced all of its DirectX 11 GPUs will support the latest version. You can sign-up to the DirectX 12 early-access program here . What do you think about the improvements made in DirectX 12?
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.developer-tech.com/news/2014/aug/13/directx-12-boosts-fps-50-and-cuts-power-consumption-half/

For instance, bid management systems allow builders to publish the specs of their RFP’s and publicize them to vendors and subcontractors. Documents, drawings, and other files can be attached. Not only does the functionality provide for a coordinated publication mechanism, but the software can also provide back-end capabilities for builders to internally track submissions and compare proposals. On the customer side, the ability to provide a client with an up-to-date view of progress on projects can not only function as a competitive differentiator when describing capabilities during the sales process, it’s also the type of thing that can take work off of the main project manager’s plate, as basic customer inquiries can be made without their involvement. 4. Will ERP home building software meet my needs now and when my future needs intensify, diversify, or when big changes in software come along? Scalability is an important part of any software investment. For example, not every home builder will need an ERP system that includes a complete integrated bid management solution- at least not right away. But the advantage of purchasing a home builder ERP system is that they can be sold to only service the amount of employees who will be using the system at the current company size. This means the system can grow as your home building business grows. Also, some ERP providers have the option to host the system on their servers or ‘in the cloud,’ saving the home builder thousands of dollars per year. Planning for growth is exceptionally important and very easy to overlook or under-rate. The truth is; you will never have any less data to manage than right now- which means that handling a move to a new system will only increase in difficulty if you are not actively preparing for it. 5.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.marksystemsusa.com/news-a-blog/blog/mark-systems-ihms-home-builder-software-blog-guest-blog/item/122-5-questions-every-builder-should-ask-before-purchasing-erp-home-builder-software.html


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