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I don’t like how when I got for a stab or lunge half of the time I get hit. I would prefer a system where I always get the drop comming from behind the enemy. Otherwise it is a fun Strategy game! Colin McMillen June 13, 2014 Excellent puzzle / strategy game At first glance, it’s a roguelike dungeon crawler, but really it’s a well-balanced strategy/puzzle game. Each level is randomly generated, but simple on the surface: get from the start position to the stairs down. You need to move between the hex tiles while avoiding the attacks of the various enemies; you have a variety of moves at your disposal (spear, lunge, jump, shield bash, …) to defeat or escape your foes. The game starts off very simple, but soon requires a lot of thought and planning as you descend deeper and the levels are full of enemies. The app’s free to try, and the one-time in-game purchase of $1.99 (which you definitely want if you end up liking the game at all) is well worth it. Yando Lichyu July 4, 2014 I love this! This game is good. But i really wanted if i can play with character status(str, agi, dex ) that can be keep even we die. So we are not repeat from zero. At least there should be something which still can be played continuously. Please think so, to make this game even better. Michael Gentry May 23, 2014 Unholy offspring of Rogue and Chess This is really really great, and fiendishly addictive because when you die there’s always the nagging feeling that you know exactly what you did wrong… To those complaining there’s no save, just quit the app and run it again, you’ll continue from where you left off.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magmafortress.hoplite


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