Announcing Telerik Nativescript – Cross-platform Framework For Building Native Mobile Applications

Expose Native platform APIs to JavaScript. Existing native platform APIs are available out of the box. No need to write plugins, or any wrappers to access the native API with JavaScript. If the API is available in the native platform it will be available to you in the JavaScript layer. I should also note that future native platform updates are available immediately in the JavaScript layer for use by the developer. There is no need from additional wrappers, only NativeScript framework should be rebuild to include the new APIs from the native platform. Native User Interface – you will be able use NativeScript class libraries to produce native user interface. Developers will be able to use the default native platform UI capabilities or add 3rd party libraries which are available to be consumed out of the box (no need for wrappers or anything else – just include the libraries in the project). Cross Platform UI abstractions – available will be full UI abstraction to build the application UI. All the UI code will be shared – you do not need prior Android, iOS or Windows knowledge. Our cross-platform abstraction includes the following components UI components abstraction Layout abstractions – linear(stack) panel, grid panel, canvas layout and more Markup UI declaration MVC-esque framework including bindings support When you build the application UI you will use our libraries which abstracts the differences between the native platforms. These libraries internally will be smart enough to know how to render themselves in the target native platform and to use the native components (being the default native components or 3rd party ones). This way your application will use the native User Experience – gestures, positioning, layout, navigation – everything will be done using the native paradigms and rendered using the underlying native platform. One important note I should make here is that developers will also be able to write separate Views/Screens for a specific platform platform if they need to.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit—cross-platform-framework-for-building-native-mobile-applications


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