6 Creative Ways To Organize Your Mobile Apps

Cost: $2.99 4. Hipstamatic Apple’s iPhone app of the year for 2010 turns the mobile into a toy camera. More than just a filter pack, the photographs taken with the app have a genuine toy camera feel, with options to adjust the film, lenses and even type of flash effect. In fact, you can even order analog prints of your snapshots from within the app. Cost: $1.99 5. Reeder Are you an RSS feed fan? Then swallow the cost and download Reeder, one of the very best RSS apps around. The app makes Google Reader finally worth using on mobile, and browsing is easy thanks to the intuitive controls. Besides catching up on your daily dose of news, you can share items to Twitter and Facebook. Cost: $2.99 6. HippoRemote An app that really demonstrates what the iPhone is capable of, HippoRemote acts as a remote control for your PC, Mac or Apple TV. It’s pretty smart as a companion device, especially if you have a laptop or desktop hooked up to your TV. The touchpad on it controls the mouse, there are programmable macros for certain actions, and it’s a snap to set up. If you can’t afford the price tag, or don’t need all that functionality, then Apple’s free Remote app also works quite well for controlling an Apple TV or iTunes. Cost: $4.99 7. Netflix If you’re a Netflix “Unlimited” member, then this app is a must with a capital M. It’ll allow you to manage your Instant Queue from your iPhone. Better still, you can stream TV shows and movies whenever you want, and the really clever part is that you can resume watching where you left off on your TV or PC. For non-Netflixers, the Hulu Plus iPhone app is also worth a look for paid-up subscribers of that service. Cost: Free 8.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://mashable.com/2014/06/10/mobile-apps-organize/


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